How to play latest minecraft 1.7.10 offline

This method is no longer worked because the launcher was too far outdated..
But, you can download the newest Cracked Launcher from here (Google drive). (TESTED) (WORKED)
Copyright by: TeamExtreme.
No password, No F*ckin' survey needed. 
And This Launcher supports the latest Minecraft Update. And it also update automatically.

With this launcher, All you have to do is just sit tight and wait for the minecraft to download the latest version.
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p.s. "I may not online everytime.. So if you wanna ask me something, Contact my personal accounts listed."

There so many people wants to play minecraft offline directly without premium account and here i want to share how to play minecraft offline.
many people also had a premium account but they cannot go online in minecraft.
normally you must download minecraft and go online once to play offline.
but, there so many problem you will face. including: need premium account, slow internet connection, and paying for a premium account ect.

Okay here we go.

First of the first, 
you must download minecraft launcher here.
select download for windows.
you will download minecraft for at  least 270kb.

Second step,
open that minecraft launcher you've been downloaded.
wait for a seconds. it will say that you need java.
you will go to java download page. or if not, click here.
you will download java downloader.
open it then wait until java finished downloaded and installed.
if some problem occurs, and java download is cancelled,
open java downloader again. and wait until java finished downloaded and installed.

or if you already had java. Minecraft should opened easily.

Third step,
download the file that you need to play offline.(include my save file(:  ) Download Here

Next step,
open minecraft. 
click option.
open 'my computer'
set your destination to 'as same as in minecraft's option'

example: C:\Users\Acer 4253\AppData\Roaming (thats what exist in my minecraft)
open .minecraft
delete everything inside .minecraft (except the folder".minecraft" itself)

open "the required file" that you've been downloaded from 4shared using winrar or anything else.
copy all the thing inside the 'Minecraft Directly Play Offline ByThePros' to .minecraft at your computer system.

then, run minecraft again and you will find offline button will not gonna blur.

and you will able to play minecraft offline.... ENJOY  :)

If some error exist. please comment...!


  1. Well.. the file you gave me looks to be corrupted..
    But, The Update works Tho'.. Thanks a lot..
    p.s you should link the name of the original creator. due to a copyrighted content.

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  3. WORKED.. Thanks..

  4. I wouldn't download it because it has a virus. I downloaded it before and my computer got a Trojan..

  5. what the f**k !!! it not worked.........